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1) Research A Niche Market For Your Internet Home Business

Before you rush into anything and waste a lot of unnecessary time and money setting up your Internet home business you will need to decide what niche market you want to establish yourself in.

Ebooks and affiliate marketing are inexpensive options where you do not need to have your own product and you basically get a commission for selling someone else's products.

A Clickbank mall is great resource with many thousands of products that you can earn as much as 75% commission for selling. Most of the resources are available to you online for free or for a minimal cost and lots of Internet home businesses that start on a budget can be up and running for practically nothing.

Do some research and find out what are the most popular things people are searching for online and you are sure to find a gap in a market that you can set up your Internet home business in rather than setting up a business that nobody wants to deal with ... this has been the undoing of many would-be Internet home businesses.

2) Choose The Right Keywords For Your Niche

Keyword research is another important factor that can be overlooked by newcomers to the Internet home business scene and this is probably the next most important aspect you need to decide on.

There are a couple of very useful keyword research tools available to you and Overture from Yahoo is actually my favourite, which is probably why you should start there.

Because you are starting your website on a budget you should choose a keyword domain name that is relevant to your Internet home business and ties in with the niche keywords that you also choose. Associating keywords with your niche and domain name is a very effective way of driving traffic to your site when someone does a search on the Internet with these keywords.

3) Domain Registration And Hosting

The next most important decision you will have to make for your Internet home business is choosing a domain registration and hosting service.

You will need to search online with Google, Yahoo, or some of the other search engines and Internet Directories using the above heading, and there are plenty of cheap options available to you. Some will only cost a few dollars a month to host and a relatively cheap annual fee to make the domain name your own for however long you want it.

Depending on the website extension you choose, such as .com, prices will vary and availability of your chosen name will be limited in the really popular ones like .com., but there are plenty of alternatives and you should be able to get the name of your choice with a bit of trial and error. 

You could try .biz, .net, or the newer .ws from Global Domains International. [.ws stands for "website and is one of the businesses I have. I not only have a website; but Global Domains International aka GDI has an affiliate oppertunity as well"], which is quite appropriate, and at this early stage in GDIs development you stand a really good chance of getting the domain name of your choice for your Internet home business.

4) Develop An Opt-In Email List

Another vital factor for an Internet home business is often overlooked by newcomers to online marketing and is probably one of the most important ways of developing your Internet home business.

Research has shown that people need to be exposed to a product an average of seven times before they choose to make a purchase, so you need to keep in constant contact with visitors to your site.

Build an opt-in email list by offering a free ebook or something similarly inexpensive to visitors to your site if they subscribe to your ezine or newsletter. Make sure to add a signup form for your publication on each page of you Internet home business website.

5) Tax benefits of having a home based business

There are many tax benefits when you have a home based business. Back in the 60's Congress passed many tax laws to stimulate the economy allowing business owners to deduct expenses from their taxes when operating a home based business. Such expenses as mileage driven, cell phone, stationery, advertising, office space in your home, and much more. All designed to help you keep the money you earned and to spend as you wish. 



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